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1. Where do I submit a question or idea for the Missing Link?
2. Will TCHD be getting an internal messaging system in the future?
3. Consider splitting PTO into sick and vacation time to promote staying home when sick?
4. Can a few designated quiet work spaces be created for employees who work in cubicles?
5. Have you looked into giving employees a RTD discount to help promote alternative transportation?
6. Is it possible for TCHD to adopt an applicant tracking system to make the application process easier?
7. What is the long-term plan for Paycor and how do you envision it benefiting the agency?
8. When will the annual staff performance evaluation process be revamped?
9. While our PTO allocation at TCHD is very generous, could we consider having staff start with a couple days PTO upon hire?
10. Can direct deposit be changed in Paycor without having to contact H.R.?
11. Can TCHD provide procedures and guidance on what to do if in a car accident (something that can be kept in vehicle); as well as more training on defensive driving and safety while in the field?
12. Can the photos on The Employee Link rotate bi-weekly to include the work performed by each division and program?
13. Would it be possible for us to receive all of our PTO days at the beginning of the year so we can use them throughout the year? That way we are able to keep track of how many days we have total, not h
14. Is it possible to get picnic tables at Admin to promote health and wellness among staff?