Community Health Promotion


6162 S Willow Drive
Suite 100
Greenwood Village, CO 80111


Link: Community Health Promotion Page

Name Title Email Phone
Baumgartner, Heather Community Health Promotion Director 720-200-1676
Boyd, Patty Strategic Partnerships Manager 720-200-1528
Chambers, Connie Matter of Balance Master Trainer  
Chapman, Caitlin Breastfeeding Policy Specialist 720-200-1577
Childs, Anne Administrative Assistant 720-200-1527
Decker, Samantha Diabetes Education Program Coordinator 303-783-7155
Egeberg, Dani Chronic Disease Prevention Coordinator 720-200-1662
Foster, Haley Substance Abuse Prevention Coordinator 720-200-1584
Fritz, Heidi Community Nutrition Manager 720-200-1511
Gersabeck, Amanda Early Childhood Nutrition Specialist 720-266-2959
Goforth, Emma Maternal Wellness Coordinator 303-873-4420
Harr, Robert Youth Advisor  
Haugh, Michele Worksite Wellness Coordinator 720-200-1518
Henry, Meredith Child and Adolescent Coordinator  
Hopkins, Alix Maternal and Child Health Manager 303-783-7107
Howard, Keri Diabetes Educator 303-783-7118
Howk, Sue Community Dietitian 720-200-1509
Hunt, Sarah Matter of Balance Master Trainer  
Martinez, Steven Chronic Disease Prevention Coordinator 720-200-1667
Plomer, Kathy Matter of Balance Master Trainer  
Proser, Maura Public Health Prevention Policy Manager 720-200-1660
Reeder, Jessie Chronic Disease Prevention Specialist 720-200-1613
Roberts, Taylor Chronic Disease Prevention Coordinator 720-200-1663
Smith, Melissa Chronic Disease Prevention Coordinator 720-200-1668
Smith, Nancy Matter of Balance Master Trainer  
Smith, Theresa Diabetes Educator 303-783-7122
Sonnenfeld, Nancy Matter of Balance Master Trainer  
Staats, Kathryn Prevention and Policy Specialist 303-255-6235
Tellis, Jennifer Workplace Policy Specialist 720-200-1521
Vostrejs, Christa Administrative Assistant 720-200-1603