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Jan 29

January 2020

Posted on January 29, 2020 at 11:17 AM by Nicole Watanabe


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Keeping Connected  


Just over a year ago, TCHD implemented an internal company website called the Intranet, also referred to as The Employee Link. As the staff adjusts to continuous changes concerning EH regulations, future software applications, and company news, the intranet is a great resource for finding information quickly without having to search on the overwhelming P: Drive. We even have our own EH Division homepage!

Recently added to the Division’s home page are the Let’s Celebrate You page, the Transformers blog, and Working in Decade page. Let’s Celebrate You was created to make personal announcements and accomplishments as well as welcoming in new staff to the Division. The Transformers Team blog is all about how our internal team handles process improvements and creates efficiency within the Division to create a better future state. The Working in Decade page provides helpful tips on navigating Decade and finding reports. Click HERE to read more about the intranet


Transformers, More Than Meets the Eye

Kudos to you if you were able to hum the title of this article! This is what goes through my head every time I hear the word “Transformers”, and I have to admit, a little picture of Optimus Prime goes along with it.

When I started at TCHD in June 2018, I had no idea what the Transformers Team (the “Team”) was all about. Just when I believed I had it figured out, we decided that perhaps we needed to “transform” the Team. Part of the impetus for change came about because we wanted to make sure the Team was doing what the Division actually needed the Team to be doing. In order to answer that question, we wanted/needed to involve a few additional people from around the Division. In December, approximately 10 of us met to talk about the role the Team should play in the coming year. The following are the key take-aways from the meeting:

  • The core Team should stay intact, with the following exceptions: Janet will step down, and Dylan will join the core Team
  • The primary function of the Team in 2020 will be to support the Division’s TBD-Database Project Team (“Project Team”)
  • The Team will focus on 4-5 goals instead of 10 goals. Possibilities include:
    • Use currently available technology to make it easier for clients to send electronic documents to staff
    • Develop a timeline for key events in order to prepare for new database implementation
    • Focus on Division requirements’ exploration in preparation for our eventual migration to a new system
    • Determine if Accela is the best choice for our new database system
    • Roll-out updated retention schedule; create a plan for cleaning current electronic files
    • Current Goals and Objectives will still be addressed, but will be consolidated and updated 
  • When the Team needs additional expertise, we will reach-out to subject matter experts who may, for a short period of time, join the Transformers Team in order to push a goal forward

We also talked about changes that need to be made on and for the Computer Team, but we’ll address that next time. For the full meeting minutes, please click here. As always, if you have any questions or comments, please reach out to a Team member.




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